A meeting between representatives of the Georgian diaspora and the business sector was held in Nuremberg, on 27 September 2022. The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vladimer Konstantinidi spoke before the public attending the event. He highlighted the importance of promoting the diaspora’s  involvement in the economic development of the country, as well as in strengthening the cooperation between Georgian compatriots living abroad and local businesses.

The Director of the International Economic Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Noshrevan Lomtatidze, also made a presentation on the business environment of Georgia, the reforms carried out by the government, the ratings of international organizations, the opportunities available in the energy, transport-logistics and IT fields, as well as investment and export support.

The purpose of the meeting between the Georgian diaspora and the business sector was to share the knowledge and experience of the Georgian compatriots living in Germany about the local production standards, as well as partnership relations, access to the German market and interests of foreign investors.

The event was conducted within the framework of the project – „European Union’s innovative project for the competitiveness of the private sector in Georgia“.